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Interdisciplinary Workshop on Synthetic Gene Drives

21-24 June, 2021

illustration for the workshop: planet earth with mosquitos and DNA and scissors, people around of different ethnicities, discussing and asking questions

Illustration: Nathalie Vessilier


This workshop on synthetic gene drives aims to gather biologists, ethicists, risk assessors, regulators and social scientists from various backgrounds to discuss interdisciplinary aspects of gene drives. It will feature various sessions: molecular biology, evolutionary ecology, theoretical models, risk assessment, ethical issues, governance and social issues.

The workshop will take place online on June 21-24, 2021. It features invited talks (20min talk+10min questions) and contributed talks (10min talk+5min questions). At the end of each day, we will have a one-hour open discussion among all participants. Two experts will select a few key outstanding questions in the field and lead the discussion. To view the list of questions that will be addressed during each open disscusion, please click here.

To ask questions after each talk or to participate to the open discussion, all attendees will be able to use the Q&A panel. The chairs will open their microphone so that they can speak directly. We ask participants to follow the code of conduct of the workshop, available here.

To view the program in your time zone, please click here.

Zoom links for attendees, speakers and chairs have been sent on June 18-19. If you have not received a link even though you have registered, please contact the organizers asap.

Registration is now closed.

Key Questions

Invited speakers

This is a tentative list of speakers (✔ : confirmed)

Contributed speakers

Open discussions

Day 1

Leaders: Ethan Bier/Éric Marois

Day 2

Leaders: Jim Bull/Florence Débarre

Day 3

Leaders: Ricarda Steinbrecher/Werner Schenkel

Day 4

Leaders: Florian Rabitz/Christophe Boëte


Please note that the schedule below is displayed in your own time zone (e.g. meeting starts at 15:00pm on June 21 if your time zone is Central European Summer Time).

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Code of conduct

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When the speakers agreed to it, their talks were recorded. The videos will be available online until July 16th.


Registration is now closed. If you missed the deadline but want to attend, please send us an email at genedrive2021@groupes.renater.fr.

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This workshop is organized thanks to funding from ANR TheoGeneDrive (ANR-19-CE45-0009).


You can reach the organizers by emailing genedrive2021@groupes.renater.fr.